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Terms and Conditions for Hobbii Plus

These Terms & conditions apply from August 1, 2021.

It is important that you take the time to read the Hobbii Plus Terms and Conditions carefully before signing up. You need to know what you are agreeing to 😊

It is Hobbii A/S, CVR.nr. 36909587, Dortheavej 8, 2400 Copenhagen NV (Denmark), which is behind Hobbii Plus.

Inquiries regarding Hobbii Plus can be directed to customer service by phone at +44 78772177 or via [email protected]. Hobbii Plus is an extension of My Hobbii that gives you a wide range of benefits. To get Hobbii Plus, you must first be a member of My Hobbii.

These Hobbii Plus Terms and Conditions complement the My Hobbii Terms and Conditions available here . In the event of any inconsistency, the terms and conditions of Hobbii Plus shall prevail.

Hobbii Plus benefits

As a Plus member, you get extra points, offers and many more perks. Here you can read more about the benefits you get with Hobbii Plus:

  • You get twice as many points on your purchases when you shop. This makes it easy to earn points that can be used in the Point Store.
  • As a Plus member, you always get a minimum 10% discount on everything in the store.
  • You can download 3 Plus patterns free of charge every single month.
  • We include a small, free gift in all Plus orders. There will be a new gift every time you shop.
  • Every day you will receive an exclusive 'Plus Deal' valid for 24 hours.
  • Every week you will receive a Plus Scratch Card where you can scratch to win up to 25,000 points!
  • As a Plus member, we reward you each month with a Point Bonus . The Point Bonus increases monthly until you reach a maximum of 1000 points a month.
  • Early Bird Access to product launches before everyone else. You are required to sign up for the Early Bird Newsletter to receive these offers.
  • We are constantly adding more benefits.

In addition to the above benefits, Plus members can also take advantage of the standard benefits that come with a free Hobbii membership: A clear order overview, faster checkout, the wish list function, etc.


It costs XX (incl. VAT) per month to be a Hobbii Plus member, and the payment for your Hobbii Plus membership is automatically deducted via the payment card you choose to use. You can change the associated card at any time. There is no fee and you can unsubscribe again at any time under "Settings". Membership is prepaid one month at a time.

Membership is personal

The Hobbii Plus membership is personal and may only be used by you.

Termination of Hobbii Plus

There is no commitment period as a Hobbii Plus member, and you can terminate your membership at hobbii.com at any time under "Settings". Otherwise, you can always get help by contacting customer service at: Phone: +44 78772177 or email: [email protected]

Hobbii Plus membership runs for periods of one month from the day you sign up.

e.g. If you sign up for Hobbii Plus on 6 January, payment will be charged for the first membership period on the same day, after which the membership will automatically be renewed until 6 February, etc.

Upon termination of the membership, the automatic renewal of your membership will be stopped. You will therefore only pay for the current month, which is already prepaid.

You will have access to Hobbii Plus and all Plus benefits for the remainder of the prepaid membership period after termination, after which you will lose access to your benefits.

You do not lose your earned points upon termination of Hobbii Plus.


Should you regret your Plus termination, you are always welcome to sign up again. Please note that your monthly (increasing) Point Bonus will start over upon termination of Hobbii Plus.

Change of Terms

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of Hobbii Plus and the associated membership benefits.

This applies to both the phasing out of benefits and the introduction of new benefits for Plus members.

Significant changes to the Hobbii Plus membership will be provided in writing to the email address provided with 1 month's notice.

Minor changes to Plus benefits may be made without notice.

Right of withdrawal

You have a 14-day right of withdrawal when signing up for Hobbii Plus. You must let us know that you regret it by contacting our customer service.

If you regret your registration within the 14 days, we have the right to charge an amount that is reasonable in relation to the period that has elapsed since you established your Hobbii Plus membership and the price of the membership.

The notice period runs from the registration date.

In case you regret registering for Hobbii Plus, you must contact customer service by phone at +44 78 77 21 77 or via email: [email protected].

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