Colour changing yarn

Colour changing yarn is very popular for bringing that extra splash of colour to your project. Colour changing yarn is available in a multitude of weights, characteristics, qualities, fibres, and colour combinations. In our shop you will find cotton as well as wool, blends, acrylics, polyamide, nylon, bamboo and polyester - all with beautiful colour changes. We are confident that our range of colour changing yarn will cater to any taste and any crocheting or knitting project.

The many characteristics of colour changing yarn

The wonderful thing about colour changing yarn, is that you are guaranteed to get a colour variegated result, that is bound to spice up any project. All you need to do is decide which one is best suited for whatever you fancy knitting or crocheting. Naturally, it is a matter of personal taste, if you like synthetic yarn or not, but luckily (as mentioned before) we offer a wide range of colour changing yarns to choose from. This also means that we offer different yarns with both long and short colour changes, that will each bring a unique and amazing look to your project.

Good for everyday use

Try using a colour changing yarn made of 100% cotton for adding a splash of colour and pattern to your dishcloths, amigurumi, garments, hot mitts, and the like. Or make lovely shawls, hats, gloves and tops with colour changing yarn made from wool or acrylic fibre. Naturally, the colour changing yarn can also be used for making stunning afghans and toasty socks in delicious variegated shades. Making socks out of colour changing yarns have particularly gained popularity, because it really gives you the opportunity to put your own mark on the socks. This way, colour changing yarn can be used for a multitude of projects - only limited by your own imagination.

Order your  colour changing yarn online - fast and easy

Here at we want to be among the best and fastest in terms of delivery of  colour changing yarn and yarn accessories. Which is why you will always receive your order within three working days of placing your order online. We take pride in our high level of customer services, and you are always welcome to give us a call, if you have any questions about any of our products. You always have the right to return any order placed at our webshop.


Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have questions regarding our colour changing yarn or you if need help placing an order. You can reach us by filling out the contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You call also call us at +45 31 86 33 57 or email us at We look forward to welcoming you as a customer in our shop.

What our customers say about Colour changing yarn

Frances Hamson

This is a lovely yarn, which although not twisted, does not easily split. I have made a shawl for a gift and the finished effect is very pretty.

Janet Lowe

Beautiful yarn, very pleased with my choice and can't wait to get started on a project. Very impressed with the speed of the delivery too

SuzeJo O'Connell

I absolutely adore this yarn, the shawl I've made is just perfect and I now have orders to make it ! Definitely 5 stars !

Dawn Rearden

I thought that I would give this yarn a try instead of another popular brand to compare them, especially as this brand is cheaper when on offer. This yarn is slightly thicker, but not too much. It has great stitch definition, drape and my work feels lovely and soft. It is great being able to see completed projects here on the website to give an idea of how the different colours look when made up. this has encouraged me to think about choosing one that I may not have done. The only thing that I'm not keen on are the knots where the colour change happens. I found some of the colour changes a bit too abrupt instead of the gradual ones of the other brand I use a lot. It won't stop me using this brand though. Delivery was very quick.


Third of the way through knitting a shawl with 14 Mystic Opal and one strand has completely disappeared (left with a cut end) so yarn has now gone down to 3ply instead of 4ply. Not impressed


Tivoli Print - Hobbii

100% Acrylic.


SAVE 33% £0.70

Cotton 8/4 - Soft Print - Cotton Kings

100% Cotton

£1.40  £2.10

SAVE 17% £2.00

Twirls - Cotton Kings

100% cotton

£9.90  £11.90

SAVE 49% £10.70

Mystery Bag - Rainbow 8/4 Print - Hobbii

100% Cotton

£11.30  £22.00

SAVE 39% £3.70

Dream Colour - Hobbii

100% Wool

£5.80  £9.50

SAVE 29% £2.40

Ronja - Järbo

65% Acrylic, 35% Wool

£6.00  £8.40

SAVE 39% £8.20

Twirls Deluxe - Cotton Kings

100% cotton

£12.80  £21.00

SAVE 14% £0.80

Moonlight - Bumbo

98% Acrylic, 2% Polyamide

£4.90  £5.70


Sportsragg Stocking Yarn - Viking

60% wool 20% nylon 20% acrylic


SAVE 35% £7.70

Twister - Hobbii

50% cotton and 50% acrylic

£14.30  £22.00

SAVE 17% £0.40

Rainbow Cotton 8/8 Print - Hobbii

100% Cotton

£2.00  £2.40

SAVE 37% £3.90

Cookie - Järbo

100% Acrylic

£6.60  £10.50

SAVE 17% £2.30

Lollipop - Hobbii

20% Wool, 80% Acrylic

£11.20  £13.50


Joy - Bumbo

100% acrylic


SAVE 42% £9.20

Color Bomb - Cotton Kings

50% Cotton, 50% Acrylic

£12.80  £22.00


Rainbow 8/4 Print - Hobbii

100% Cotton



1 Class Print Sock Yarn - Mayflower

75% wool, 25% Nylon.


SAVE 18% £0.45

Cotton 8/8 Big Print - Mayflower

100% Cotton.

£2.10  £2.55


Cotton 8/4 Print - Mayflower

100% Cotton.



Luxury Sock Yarn (Hand Dyed) - Mayflower

75% Superwash Wool , 25% Polyamide



Happy Feet Print - Hobbii

75% Superwash Wool, 25% Nylon



Acrylic Print 150g - Bumbo

100% acrylic


SAVE 19% £1.00

Spring - Mayflower

69% Cotton, 31% Flax

£4.30  £5.30


Magic Sock Yarn - Mayflower

70% Superwash Wool and 30% Nylon



Merino Magic (Handdyed) - Mayflower

100% Merino Wool



Mouliné - Mayflower

100% Cotton.


New Popular

Maya - Järbo

100% wool


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