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Nicolas Beaney-Weaver

AWESOME!!! AMAZING!!! BRILLIANT!!! Am a knitting newbie, and am in love with ANYTHING to do with Denmark, so thought I would treat myself to some home grown made Knitting needles. They have such a luxurious feel, and are soooooo great to use - the Yarn loves them too, hence the 5 star rating!!!🤗🤗🤗

Nicolas Beaney-Weaver

AWESOME!!!! AMAZING!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Ok so you get the picture right?? This set of all red Knitting needles are just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lovely to use, because they let the Yarn slide effortlessly along the needle, and I love the colour too!!!


This is a great set of dpn’s, I ordered the 20cm set, each size is a different vibrant colour with the needle size on each needle so no need to check the sizes with a needle gauge. They also come in a lovely case where each size is held in place, no more loose needles in my knitting case. I’ve used one size and knitted a gorgeous pair of socks for my newborn grandaughter. Love them!

Cora MacFarlane

These are the most comfortable dp needles I've ever used. They're so light they stay in the knitting and don't slip out, yet the yarn moves freely and smoothly while knitting. Used this for my first ever pair of socks.


This is the 2nd pair of needles I purchased from HOBBII, they are amazing, great to work with and well recommended. Very quick delivery, well worth having. Thank you HOBBII.

Margaret Bromley

These circular needles are so light and smooth to use. I am getting along quicker with these needles than the ones I was using the yarn just glides of them. Great buy


These needles are an absolute pleasure to use. Their length is perfect for knitting socks and I am delighted with the results

Joanne Cliffe

Excellent product, bought to do Latvian mittens, good customer service

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