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Wool Needles In Aluminium - 3 pieces


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The wool needles have big eyes, making them easy to thread, and are highly effective for crochet or loose knit. The smooth aluminum surface makes the needles easy to work with, regardless of the type of yarn you are dealing with.

The package contains 3 wool needles of 2.25 mm, 2.75 mm and 3.25 mm in blue, red and orange. 

Asli Akkoyunoglu

I bought a pair of aluminium needles from one of the craft shops I visited some time ago, but I forgot to bag it at the cashier :( and left it there. When I saw exactly same ones I said that this time I will buy it and it will come to my door. Thanks to HOBBII I now have it. Needles are very easy to use, it goes through from knitting and crochet products easily. Especially the visible and flexible needle eyes are my favourite. Some materials are difficult to saw, stitch with other needles but these little ones are my best friends these days. Highly recommended :)

Nessa Buckley

I thought I’d be struggling to thread yarn for ever, until I found these aluminium needles on the site. They are cleverly designed to make a yarn crafter’s life so much easier, with needle eyes that can you can see and use without a problem.
Such a help and highly recommended!


Love these needles so easy to thread the yarn from 2 ply to super chunky. Slips lovely through the stitches with no pulling. Highly recommended them.


Good for simple finishing jobs such as sewing in yarn ends and can be thread by thin yarns and thick yarns alike. I found them a little difficult to work with on projects that used thinner yarns, but worked very well on projects that used 4ply/dk or thicker yarns


Very nice for finishing your work and quite fast usage with thicker yarns. For more detailed/specific seewing the standard sewing needles are needed. But I would highly recommend them as additional helpers.

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