Stitch Markers w/lock – Heart – 16 pcs

Cute, heart-shaped stitch markers with locks. The tips of the markers are blunt and fit both thin and normal knitting yarns.

Stitch markers are a perfect accessory for anyone looking for a helping hand with the marking when you’re knitting.

Stitch makers can be used for many different purposes, like:
- marking the start of a round or pattern repeat
- to put on your needle to mark certain stitches. The stitch makers are easily attached to the needle between the stitches while you nit and fit up to a size 7 mm needle (US N/A / UK 2)
- to attach to your knitting project to mark a certain row
- marking increases and decreases
- catch a dropped stitch before it unravels

Measurements: 2,7 x 1,5 cm
Material: ABS
Color: Red
Number in pack: 16 pcs 

Find patterns for the yarn here: Patterns (21)


These stitch markers are very sturdy and very cute. I love using them, they're easy to open and don't snag on my work either.
Their cute design also means they make great progress keepers too!


I love these they're so easy to use
Sometimes I don't even close them if I'm just marking a stitch quickly and they don't fall out


Sturdy stitch markers that are easy to open and close. I like that they are all one colour - easy to spot on a project. Great item.


Love at first sight! These are adorable! I hope they stay forever, I will have to get some more with my next order ❤


These stitch markers are easy to use and look cute too.

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