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Template Needle Stock Overview - Single- and Doublepointed Needles - Blossom (Digital)

Make it easier to keep track of your knitting needles, and use some of your points to treat yourself!

Hobbii makes it easier than ever to organize your single-pointed and double-pointed needles. Get an overview of all your knitting needles and fill out the template. That way, it will be much easier to check whether you have the necessary tools when you start a new project. And that means more cozy knitting time for you :-)

Our digital template is a downloadable A4-sized Needle Stock Overview that you can fill out. It’s a pdf that you can either print out or fill out digitally. You get no less than four pages. A template in two different colors for your double-pointed needles and two for your single-pointed needles. All with a romantic floral theme. 

You can write down info like what size needles you have, lengths, materials, and brands. You can also write your own notes at the bottom of the page.

NB! All text is in English.

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