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Rhubarb & Vanilla - Sugar-free Hard Candy

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The combination of sweet rhubarb and fragrant vanilla blend perfectly in these delicious hard candies. These are Bolcheværk’s take on the classic and universally liked red and yellow rhubarb candies. But theirs are 100% sugar-free. 

It is still sweet, but not overly so as some traditional rhubarb candies tend to be. The subtle note of vanilla elevates the taste and rounds it off nicely. 

These rhubarb and vanilla candies are - like all of Bolcheværk’s other products - 100% sugar-free. Instead of sugar, they use an extract from stevia leaves, which are incredibly sweet. 

Hard candies of the highest quality

Bolecheværk strives to create extraordinary products for you. They don’t want their candies to be a quick fix when your blood sugar is low. They want them to be a way for you to treat yourself. 

They believe that you can taste quality. And that is why they continuously choose quality over quantity. This means that they only use the very best ingredients they can get their hands on to make their candies. As a result, you will only find natural flavors and colorants in candies from Bolcheværk. 

Candies for everyday indulgence and special occasions. 

These rhubarb and vanilla candies are perfect as a little daily treat. And since they don’t contain any sugar, you are free to make life a little sweeter with them every day, but watch out! 

These candies can be highly addictive. 

In addition to treating yourself to these rhubarb and vanilla candies whenever you want, they are also great for special occasions. And they can also be a nice little gift for someone you care about. You could, e.g., use the cute 100 g bags as a hostess gift or as part of a bigger gift basket. 


Sweeteners: Isomalt. Acids: Citric acid, malic acid. Flavors (0,24%). Sweetener: Steviol glycoside. Colorant: curcumin, carmines. Contains sweeteners. Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect. May contain traces of: milk, nuts, soy, and gluten.

NB. The candy mass is made with isomalt, which means that the candies have a high content of carbohydrates."

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