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Ergonomic Circular Needle

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Prym’s ergonomic circular needles are light and flexible quality needles which are incredibly comfortable to hold. The circular needles are ergonomically shaped so they feel good in your hands and you can knit for many hours without getting sore hands and wrists.

Prym’s ergonomic knitting needles won a Red Dot Design award in 2016, an annual product- and design competition which is the best seal of approval a product can get.

The cable is made of thin steel which makes the cables flexible and resistant, so they easily fold up without the risk of getting a bend. Circular needles up to and including 4 mm have a dark purple coating covering the steel wire.

The circular needles are available in two lengths: 23.62 inches (60 cm) and 31.5 inches (80 cm), and the following US sizes 2.5-17 (3-12 mm).

The length of the needle tips is 13,4 cm (5.3 in) in all sizes.

Please note that needles size 4 mm (US 6) and small have a round shape, while needles size 7 and above are triangular.

Made from high-performance synthetic material.


I really enjoy how these feel in the hands and the knitting action. Unfortunately I am discovering that I much prefer metal (or even plastic) needles as, so far, I have found all other materials just too grippy. I think if you like the feel of wood/bamboo needles etc and are looking for an ergonomic option, it's really worth trying them. I will try them again myself when I have a looser gauge project to work on, where they might work better for me.

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