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Row Counter Chain - Christmas - 10 rings

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Cute Row Counter Chain with a little Christmas bird - for true lovers of Christmas who can’t get enough of the cold, cozy months where we get to spend extra time with our knitting.

A row counter chain is a great counting tool to track rounds on circular needles. It can help you if you, e.g., need to increase every 10 rounds because - as opposed to digital row counters - it’s almost impossible to forget counting all the rounds since you have to physically move the chain from one needle to the other every time you encounter it.

Use it like so:

Place the first ring of the row counter on your needle at the beginning of your row/round. When you reach the row counter after the round, you insert your needle into the next ring on the counter, just below the ring still on your other needle. Continue knitting. When you’ve worked your way through all the rings, it’s time to do your increase. Easy, right?

The row counter works with needles up to 8 mm (US 11).

To avoid confusion, please note that this row counter actually has 11 rings because you have the option to take the pendant off if you don’t want this on your chain. You can open the pendant, take it off and use it as a regular stitch marker. Take a look at our other stitch markers if you want to switch the pendant on your chain row counter!


beautiful little accessory to knitting! love the xmassy winter birdy on it!

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