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Category Exciting things
Weight 1000 g

Lucky Bag Cotton - 20 Skeins

100% Cotton


£20.00  From £19.50

Here you get an exciting lucky bag containing 20 fabulous skeins of mixed cotton.

The thickness may vary, the yarn can be solid colors and print, from organic or conventional production, and from different manufacturers. However, each skein is made from 100% cotton. 

A completely random mix, meaning you can get 20 different skeins or 20 of the same. 

Only a limited amount. 

Good luck with your bag!


So flipping worth it! Omg! Quality is insaneeeee SO glad I ordered this. It is perfect for me though and the projects I usually make. Also, with two little ones extremely happy to have lots of baby organic Egyptian cotton, super soft 😍 organic is also super important to me SO SO HAPPY!!!


Great value for money. Pack contained loads of lovely coloured yarn. Good quality yarn. I used mine for making face cloths, wash Mitts, bags and soft toys. I will definitely be going back for more


Was a little disappointed with the colors I received, was hoping for some bright ones, however, once my imagination got going, I've created some great projects, photo to be added


This is the first time I have ordered from hobbii and I was delighted with this bag. Great mix and lots of excitement when opening. What to make is the question?


Had 1 of these bags and was over the moon I make a lot of octopus etc for babys and this is perfect as lots of colours and super quality

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Yarn information

Category Exciting things
Weight 1000 g

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