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Stitch and Needle/Hook Size Markers (Needle/Hook Size 2,5 – 4,5 mm), 5 pcs.


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You can attach a marker with the corresponding needle/hook size to your crochet or knitting project if you stop working on it or put it on hold. That way, you won’t forget the needle/hook size you used when you want to pick it back up.

The safety pin is black, and fits needles/hooks up to 6 mm. This is only relevant if you want to attach the marker to the needle itself. You can, of course, attach it to your cable/stitch holder, or you can attach it to the knitting itself, which is what you would do if you’re putting the project on hold.

The markers come with the following sizes engraved on them: 2,5 - 3 - 3,5 - 4 - 4,5

The markers are made from wood (plywood), making them very light so they won’t weigh down you knitting or crocheting.

Material: Wood (plywood) & metal
Length (without metal needle): approx. 1,8 cm (0.7")
Length (with metal needle): approx. 3,6 cm (1.4")
Width: approx. 1,8 cm (0.7")


Amazing markers. It is very good idea for the hook size to be attached to the marker. How many of us just forgot which hook did we use? I am sure I will never forget it again! And they are metal markers, which is perfect, not easy to break. If you still thinking if you should buy them, stop thinking! Just buy it!


Brilliant. Even if you don't mark your place with them, they can be put on for right side, and so helpful if it's a project thats not been worked on for a while

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