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Cubics DPNs

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Amazing square double pointed needles from KnitPro made of the exclusive Symfonie-wood, laminated Birch, which is subsequently chopped and polished in a beautiful rosewood-color.

The square shape of the needles makes it easy for everyone to use them - beginners as well as seasoned knitters. The square shape of the needle is ideal for all knitters, as it is easy to hold and is less fatiguing to hands and fingers.

For the same reason, it is also handy to use if you have problems with arthritis or bad wrists.

Material: Birch


I had high hopes for these needles as I have brass cubics which are wonderful to use, but slip out of the stitches very easily - especially when working heel flaps. I bought the birch ones because they would stay in place more easily. That was a big mistake.

I bought two sets ie 10 needles each of 2mm and 2.5mm.

2.5mm Of these 10, 5 have rough surfaces that snag on the yarn , preventing it from moving down the needle leaving bits sticking out and even breaking strands in the process.

2.0mm Of these 10, 4 have rough surfaces that snag on the yarn.

These dpns cost £10.70 per set, but I have cheap Chinese bamboo needles that are much smoother, snag free and cost less than £1 per set.

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