Cable Stitch Holders

It has never been easier to cable knit  with these cable needles. The needles hold the stitches firmly until they need knitting, and simplify your work significantly. The strong and light needles in aluminium are easy to work with and the pointy ends make it easy to catch the stitches that turn.

This pack contains 3 different colored cable needles in 3, 4, and 5 mm making it straightforward to tell them apart.

Cable needles are known by many names including, helper needles and cable hooks.

Find patterns for the yarn here: Patterns (10)

Elizabeth Squirrell

I love these needles! I really enjoy working cables, but have never had a set with a curve in like these. They are great to work with, the stitches stay on and they feel comfortable to hold as well. (I have a set of Knitpro Zings so I love how they look and feel similar to the needles I'm using too.) Very happy with them, thank you!


Great addition to my knitting needle collection! Great for working stitches separately and they’re lightweight so no pulling on current work which is great for keeping a neat tension. Super chuffed with these :)


Excellent for those with less manual dexterity as they keep hold of the stitches better. Versatile sizes and decent length makes these a great set to have in your workbox.


Came free with my order, but since I don't knit I passed them to a friend who loves them. Says they are easy to work with for her scarf


Good quality stitch holders. Nice variety of sizes. Strong but lightweight so they don’t weigh down and stretch finer yarns.

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