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Cable Stitch Holders


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With these cable needles, cables have never been easier to make. The needles will hold on tight to the stitches until you need to knit them, which makes your work a lot easier. These strong and light aluminum needles are easy to work with and the pointy ends make it easy to pick up the stitches you need to cable.

This pack contains three cable needles, sizes 3, 4 og 5 mm in different colours which makes them easy to tell apart.

Cable needles have many names, for example cable stitch pins and cable hooks.

Elizabeth Squirrell

I love these needles! I really enjoy working cables, but have never had a set with a curve in like these. They are great to work with, the stitches stay on and they feel comfortable to hold as well. (I have a set of Knitpro Zings so I love how they look and feel similar to the needles I'm using too.) Very happy with them, thank you!

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