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Yarn Cutter


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The perfect accessory for cutting yarn. Small and compact - easy to carry in your bag.

The yarn cutter can be used to cut yarn and thicker threads.It is designed in such a way that you do not risk cutting yourself on it - the knife blade is protected in the metal case. So it is both safe to carry around and nice to look at.The knife blade is made of steel and the actual decoration in zinc.

The yarn cutter measures approx. 1 in. (3 cm) in diameter.

Hanna Stewart

I had mine for years now. Even used it whilst on an aeroplane knitting. Looks cool to wear just as a necklace as well. Sharp blade, but you can not hurt yourself, as it's just right for yarn. NB, if you want to knit on a plane, take wooden or plastic needles. Metal is not allowed. But please ask the flight company first on their policies.

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