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Baby Merino - Hobbii

4 ply100% Merino Wool

£3.30  £5.50
SAVE 46%

Baby Merino XL - Hobbii

DK100% Merino Wool

£2.95  £5.50

Easy Care - Mayflower

2 ply, 3 ply100% Merino Wool.

SAVE 13%

Easy Care Big - Mayflower

Aran100% Merino Wool.

£4.80  £5.50

Easy Care Classic - Mayflower

DK100% Merino Wool.


BabyWool - Happy Sheep

4 ply100% Merino Wool

SAVE 16%

Soft Merino - Bumbo

Aran100% Extra Delicate Superwash Merino

£4.05  £4.85

Cotton Merino Classic - Mayflower

DK50% Virgin Superwash Wool & 50% Cotton


Easy Care Print (seconds) - Mayflower

2 ply, 3 ply100% Merino Wool


Summer Merino - Hobbii

Aran70% Cotton, 30% Merino Wool


Alpaca Bris - Viking of Norway

Chunky60% Alpaca, 11% Merino Wool, 29% Nylon

SAVE 18%

Merino Magic (Handdyed) - Mayflower

DK100% Merino Wool

£12.30  £15.00
SAVE 19%

Merino Chuncky 400g - Mayflower

100% pure wool

£21.00  £26.00
SAVE 26%

Mira - Järbo

DK100% extra fine superwash merino

£4.50  £6.10

Mio - Järbo

2 ply, 3 ply100% Merino Wool


Merino Raggi - Järbo

DK75% Merino Wool Superwash, 25% Polyamide


Merino The Collection - Mayflower

DK100% Pure New Wool

SAVE 18%

Summer Merino - Wonderbag - Hobbii

Aran70% Cotton, 30% Merino Wool

£45.00  £55.00
SAVE 19%

Merino Chuncky Mega 1000g - Mayflower

100% pure wool

£48.00  £59.00

What our customers say about Merino

Tara Owens

Lovely to knit with. Very soft (I’m knitting a waffle blanket for a baby) and easy to knit, no pilling, and it’s machine washable and can even be tumbledried so perfect for baby stuff. It’s three ply and doesn’t untwist during the knitting - or even during the un-knitting and re-knitting which I’ve unfortunately had to do a couple of times.

valerie woodhouse

Beautiful wool. this wool is a dream to knit with, so silky soft but does not knit up floppy like some soft yarns.It gives good definition to the stitch pattern I am using. I found it did tend to split when I first started but I just pay more attention to my knitting and it's not a problem. would definitely recommend it


I've never purchased anything from Hobbii before but I found the service amazing!! I emailed numerous questions about colours which were all answered promptly and patiently! The yarn arrived quickly and it's very soft. :-)

Kathleen Channon

My sister gave me some of this wool as I knit a lot of baby blankets and crochet knee blankets for elderly people. This wool is soft and great to work with plus colours are amazing.

Diane Robertson

Such a beautiful wool so soft and lovely to use. I have made a baby blanket and a cardigan for my new granddaughter, and can’t wait to make more.


Lovely soft wool, knits up great. Like double knitting but tension needs adjusting so I used a slightly smaller needle. Great for baby knits


Lovely to work with. Beautifully soft and a lovely finish. Knitted a baby coat and a bunting bag.

Vanessa Winwood

Super soft and so lovely to work with. I can’t wait to order more for another project!

Maria Taylor

This wool is so soft and wonderful to work with, made the item I made feel luxurious.

Janet Farnsworth

The yarn is very easy to work and washes easy and is so soft good for baby clothes.

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