Yarn Packs

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Classic Acrylic - Packs of 10 Balls - We Love Yarn

DK100 % Acrylic

£12.30  £15.00
SAVE 42%

Malaga Color Packs - World of Yarn

Aran100% Premium HB Acrylic

£13.10  £22.50

Cotton Lucky Bag – 20 Skeins

100% Cotton

£20.00 Sold Out
SAVE 43%

Rainbow Cotton 8/4 Melange Color Pack - Hobbii

4 ply100% Cotton

£14.30  £25.00
SAVE 31%

Sock Yarn Lucky Bag - 5 Balls - Happy Sheep

2 ply, 3 ply75% Superwash Wool, 25% Nylon

£24.00  £35.00
SAVE 12%

Rainbow Cotton 8/4 Color Pack (11-14) - Hobbii

2 ply, 3 ply

£15.50  £17.60
SAVE 31%

BabyWool 10 Ball Bags - Happy Sheep

4 ply100% Merino Wool

£38.00  £55.00
SAVE 19%

Rainbow Cotton 8/4 Organic Print Color Pack 05 - Hobbii

4 ply100% Organic Cotton

£11.30  £13.90
SAVE 11%

Rainbow Cotton 8/4 Print Color Pack - Hobbii

4 ply100% cotton

£19.60  £22.00
SAVE 18%

Rainbow Cotton 8/8 Print Color Pack - Hobbii

DK100% cotton

£19.70  £24.00
SAVE 16%

Twirls Pastello Wonder Pack - Cotton Kings

4 ply100% Cotton

£40.00  £47.60
SAVE 14%

Cotton 8/4 Soft Print - Wonderbag 02 - Cotton Kings

4 ply100% Cotton

£18.10  £21.00
SAVE 20%

10 Skeins of Tivoli - Hobbii

DK100% HB Acrylic

£20.00  £25.00
SAVE 12%

Pull Skein Wonderbag - Cotton Kings

100% cotton

£16.60  £18.90
SAVE 14%

WonderBag 8/4 Print - Mayflower

4 ply100% Cotton

£23.00  £26.90
SAVE 11%

Bag with 10 skeins of mercerized 8/4 cotton (Grade B)

4 ply100% Mercerized Cotton

SAVE 16%

Color Packs Sock Yarn - World of Yarn

2 ply, 3 ply75% Wool, 25% Polyamide

£33.00  £39.50
SAVE 12%

Jaipur Color Pack - World of Yarn

DK100% Acrylic

£26.00  £29.40
SAVE 19%

Lucky Bags Sock Yarn - World of Yarn

2 ply, 3 ply75% Wool, 25% Polyamide

£32.00  £39.50

Wolong Color Pack - World of Yarn

2 ply, 3 ply63% Acrylic, 30% Bamboo, 7% Elastane

SAVE 18%

Color Bomb Wonderbag - Cotton Kings

50% Cotton, 50% Acrylic

£72.00  £88.00

Rainbow Cotton 8/4 Organic Print Color Pack - Hobbii

2 ply, 3 ply, 4 ply100% Organic Cotton


Cheap Yarn Color Packs with 10-20 Yarn Balls

Yarn packs are for you if you like to buy a lot of yarn at a better price than if you buy single skeins. Choose between yarn bags with 10 - 20 yarn balls. 

In our shop, you can find many different varieties of yarn packs. We have something for those who love bright colors, but also something for those who like the more dusty pastel colors. In addition, you can also choose whether you want to buy a pack of different colors or if it should be a single-color only pack.

Cotton Yarn Packs for Your Knitting and Crochet Projects

Most of our yarn packs contain 100% cotton yarn. Therefore, these packs are very suitable for those who want to make dishcloths, potholders, towels, amigurumi and much more. You can find lots of patterns that use cotton yarn at Hobbii Design. Our extensive range of yarn packs include yarns from popular brands Drops, Mayflower and We Love Yarn, all brands that are hugely popular among crochet and knitting enthusiasts. So, go explore our large assortment and make sure you have enough yarn for your next project

Buy Yarn Packs Online - Easy and Quick

At Hobbii we strive to be one of the best and fastest at delivering yarn packs and yarn accessories. Therefore, you will always get your parcel within three business days of ordering online. We take pride in keeping a high standard in our customer service department and please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have questions about our products. We always provide full right of return on goods ordered on our web shop.

Contact Hobbii

You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about our yarn packs or need help ordering. You can contact us via our contact form and we will respond to you as quickly as possible. Or you can call us on 0045 31 86 33 57 or email support@hobbii.com. We look forward to welcoming you as our customer.

What our customers say about Yarn Packs


Green is my absolute most favourite colour. When I saw this offer then the parrot green. I just had to have some. When my parcel arrived I was over the moon with the colour. I was so excited. I searxhed for 3 days for the perfect pattern when I found it I realised I didn't have enough wool. In a panic I contacted Hobbii and explained my crazy purchase without a pattern. They were wonderful and when I order another bag of wool they ensured I received the same lot number. The wool is lovely and soft to work with and I just love it and my experience with Hobbii customer service is outstanding.


It's amazing to work up into a nice little blanket on a 6mm crochet hook. I was looking to buy some more colour bags as a bag of 5 is perfect for a dog blanket and the various colourways make the blankets very attractive. It certainly does feel premium compared to other yarns I've worked with and is an excellent choice for a medium weight crochet project, like a blanket, scarf or poncho. However, I bought mine in the sale as it's a bit pricey otherwise.

Christine Dennison

Wonderful beautiful wool...Love this delivery of 10balls of wool...it is everything I wished for...will be placing another order shortly but have to wait till I have somewhere to hide it...my husband says I have a problem as I keep buying wool but haven't finished one project yet..men are weird..but yeah great product amazing bargain love it love it love it but need more...will be back and back again ....more more more please.....


Originally bought this wool to make a rainbow. I have only recently learned to crochet I am now working on a rainbow granny square blanket. What can I say love the company love this gorgeous cotton is nice and light. Delvery was excellent comsidering covid. Have made another order. Can not wait till it arrives I am like a wee kid. I am now a woolaholic and there is so much choice on hobbii

Elizabeth Squirrell

I love this yarn, I have bought a few balls of cotton from here before and the quality is so good, this has become my favourite place to shop for well-priced quality yarn. The colours in this pack (01) are gorgeous. I made my Mum a facecloth using some of your cotton and she is amazed at how soft and lovely it is. Very fast delivery as well, and customer service is spot on, thank you.

Jan Watson

My first 10 ball pack arrived n Saturday. It feels so wonderfully soft and the pale green colour is just perfect for what I wanted, premmie baby blankets, jackets and hats. Have started a blanket already (storm Ciaran side effect was keeping me indoors with plenty of knitting time!) and will post photos in due course. Oh, and the customer service is great 🙂

Jayne Jenkins

I am Welsh so seeing a fabulous colour red in a wool that is so easy to handle was mind blowing. What has being Welsh got to do with it you ask, well I crochet dolls etc for craft shows and this particular colour is dragon. St. Davids day looming many little hands will be holding a red dragon this year made with this fantastic wool. Thank you

Wendy Talbot

Very pleased with my mystery bag of colourful cotton, I have not started my project yet , I’m going to be making mandela’s as these are my favourite project will send you a picture when it’s done , plus I’m still using the lovely Cotton thread from my last order. Also thank you for such a reliable service.

Lilian Marshall

Thia is another that i recently bought ,i must admit ive been very satisfied with all the different makes of yarn up to now , Keep the bargins comming x and Simon thanks for your help with the little problem i had with this order .maybe there wont be a problem with my post code again hopefully x

Adele Swindle-Phillips

Beautiful colours and wonderful yarn - I ordered them to create children’s hats but the yarn was unfortunately too thick for my delicate designs 😔 However .. all was not lost .. I have made a delight of rainbow dishcloths to sell on our eco stall to raise money for our play park 😍😍😍

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