Yarn Cones

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Party Deluxe - Go Handmade

DK100% Polyester

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Cone 500 8/8 - Cotton Kings

DK100% Cotton

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What is Yarn Cones

Yarn cones are large amounts of yarn that is spun to a tower shape instead of a traditional yarn ball. Yarn on cones is great if you need to make something that requires a lot of yarn. As the yarn is spun into a tower, it is very easy to work with. 

Benefits of Using Yarn on Cones

The best reason to use yarn on cones, is you want to save time, when making larger projects, such as blankets or clothing. With a yarn cone you do not have to spend time adding new yarn every time you use up a yarn ball, as the yarn cone contains several meters of yarn. At Hobbii you can get yarn on cones spun with 750 - 1700 meters of cotton. You can use it to make something big or a lot of smaller projects. 

How to Use Yarn on Cones

The best way to use a yarn cone is to place it on the floor or in a yarn bowl, while you work. As you progress, the yarn tower will continuously supply you with yarn. The best position for the yarn cone is to be directly underneath you under a chair, as this will make it less likely to fall over. 

What to Knit or Crochet with Yarn on Cones

There are many things you can make using a yarn cone. As the yarn on cones at Hobbii are made with cotton, you can make almost anything within knitting and crochet. It is, however, made for larger projects like blankets, clothing, pillows and bags. Take a look at all our free patterns made with cotton yarn

Buy Yarn Cones Online - Quick and Easy

At Hobbii we wish to be the best and quickest supplier of yarn on cones and accessories. Therefore, you will always receive your order within 4-10 working days after the order is placed online. We pride ourselves in providing great customer services, so you are always welcome to give us a call if you have questions regarding our products. Additionally, we always provide full return on products ordered via our webshop. 

Contact Hobbii

You are always welcome to contact us, if you have questions regarding our products or need help with an order.  You can contact us via our contact form and we will respond as quickly as possible. You can also call us at 00 45 31 86 33 57 or email to support@hobbii.com. We look forward to welcoming you as a customer.

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