Soft Baby Yarn

Baby yarn is yarn that is suitable for babies. Babies have very sensitive skin and, therefore, need materials that are extra soft, hypoallergenic and itch-free yarns. 

Here you can see a selection of great yarns that are all great for baby knitting and crochet projects. 

Benefits of Choosing Baby Yarn

The biggest advantage of using baby yarn, is that you can be sure that the yarn is made for knitting and crocheting items for babies. The yarn will always be extremely soft and 100% itch-free, så it will not annoy your skin. Yarn made for babies is often made of the softest merino wool, cotton yarn blends, organic cotton or very soft acrylic fibers. Each type of yarn has different benefits, but no matter which yarn you choose, it is sure to make a baby happy.  

Choosing the Right Yarn for Babies

There are several things you need to think about, when choosing yarn for baby knitting and crochet projects. Firstly, the baby's sensitive skin requires you to choose a yarn that is itch-free and does not annoy your skin. Moreover, you need to consider how practical you want the yarn to be in terms of how durable it is and how easy it is to wash. 

All yarns on this page are suitable for children, so you can easily select one of them. However, if you wish to choose something else, we have summarized the main pros and cons of each yarn type suitable for babies.

  • Baby Merino Wool: Baby yarn made of merino wool is some of the softest yarn you can find. In addition to being incredibly soft, merino yarn is also 100% itch-free. However, merino wool is not as practical, as other types of yarn, as it needs to be carefully washed. For instance, you cannot wash merino yarn using fabric softeners, as this may damage the yarn. Try looking for merino wool that has been superwash treated, as this can be machine washed.
  • Superwash Wool: If you wish to make a knitting or crochet project for a baby, you should choose superwash wool. Superwash wool can be machine washed up to 40 degrees. It is, however, still recommended to use a wool washing program. The ability to be machine washed, makes this wool a lot more practical than normal wool yarn. You should look for superwash wool that does not itch, which will usually be merino, alpaca or yarn blends.
  • Organic Cotton for Babies: If it is important for you that the yarn is spun and dyed using sustainable and organic methods, then we recommend using organic cotton yarn for your baby knitting or crochet project. It is not as soft as wool, but softer than yarn made of acrylic fibers. This yarn is 100% organic. It is especially good for knitting and crocheting clothing for babies or children, because cotton is very practical and can be easily washed. 
  • Cotton Yarn BlendsIf you are looking for a more practical baby yarn, but do not prefer yarn made of 100% cotton or acrylic, we recommend using a cotton yarn blend. A cotton yarn blend gives you the best of both yarn types. Hobbii has a selection of cotton yarn mixed with wool or acrylic. 
  • Acrylic Baby Yarn: Acrylic baby yarn is the most practical yarn material you can choose. Acrylic is very durable and can be washed several times without losing color. The yarn is also hypoallergenic, so you be sure it will not annoy children with allergies. Acrylic yarn is often cheap yarn, but this does not mean poor quality. Technology advancements within yarn has made it possible to make cheap, soft and baby friendly acrylic yarn. We recommend choosing one of the acrylic yarns under this section, as they are all soft. 

With the above yarn types you can be sure that the material is good for babies. 

Crochet and Knitting with Baby Yarn 

There are many projects you can make using baby yarn. The most popular projects are baby blankets, baby rattles, teddies or pacifier clips. Regardless of which project you start, the baby or child will love the soft yarn. Find inspiration for your next knitting or crochet project from Hobbii’s many free baby patterns or our patterns for children. If you love super soft yarn, you can also use baby yarn for many other projects. 

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