Easy Care - Mayflower

100% Merino Wool.

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Snowstorm - Hobbii

100% wool

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Maya - Järbo

100% wool

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Easy Care Classic - Mayflower

100% Merino Wool.

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Cosmo - Mayflower

100% Superwash Wool

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Baby Merino XL - Hobbii

DK 100% Merino Wool

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Easy Care Big - Mayflower

100% Merino Wool.

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Woolpower - Happy Sheep

100% wool

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Baby Merino - Hobbii

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Simple Wool - Happy Sheep

100% Superwash Wool

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BabyWool - Happy Sheep

100% Merino Wool

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Highland Wool - Hobbii

100% Peruvian Highland Wool

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Woolpower Print - Happy Sheep

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Dream Colour - Hobbii

100% Wool

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Nature (Organic Wool) - Hobbii

100% organic wool

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Soft Merino - Bumbo

100% Extra Delicate Superwash Merino

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Léttlopi - Ístex

100% Virgin Wool

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Lima Wool - Hjertegarn

100% Soft Wool from Peru

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Mira - Järbo

100% extra fine superwash merino

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Natur Uld - Hjertegarn

100% Virgin Wool

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Merino Magic (Handdyed) - Mayflower

100% Merino Wool


Molly - Mayflower

100% Wool


Magic Felting Yarn - Bumbo

100% Virgin Wool


Ylle - Järbo

100% Superwash Treated Wool


Merino Chuncky 400g - Mayflower

100% pure wool

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The Wool (in Packages of 10 Skeins) - The Yarn Farm

Aran 100% Pure Wool

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Da Capo - Mayflower

100% Wool.

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What is probably the most characteristic of wool is probably its amazing ability to hold heat. The appearance of the wool depends on which sheep variety it comes from and how it is processed. Wool can be used for crochet, knitting or felting - needles to say, with this kind of yarn there are a plentitude of possibilities.

The many characteristics of the wool yarn

The benefits of using wool for knitting or crochet projects are many. One of them is that it is a natural temperature regulating material that can absorb up to 35% moisture without feeling cold or wet to the skin. Another advantage that many may not associate with wool is that it is actually possible to get wool materials that do not itch - did you know that? Although there are of course some materials that are itchy, we also sell lots of wool types, which actually have a silky feel and thus are extremely soft. So remember to have this in mind before buying your wool yarn. In addition, the wool is also very well suited to the Nordic climate as it holds heat really well. Did not know that wool is also able to cool? The fact that wool may show both warming and cooling properties attests to yarn being a material perfect for being used all year round to the delight of lots of people.

When using wool as its primary yarn material, it is extremely important that you follow the correct washing instructions. Wool is a sensitive material that can easily change its structure and shape if washed incorrectly. If you buy 100% wool yarn, it will typically have an ideal washing temperature at 30/40 degrees, which is usually the most appropriate. In addition, be aware that you dry the wool flat so it does not shrink. If you want to take extra care of your wool yarn, you should make sure that you follow the ideal knitting and crochet tension and use the recommended knitting needles and crochet hooks.

Good for everyday life

With wool yarn there are many possibilities. It can be used by and for children and adults, who may prefer to crochet or knit warm socks to enjoy on a cold winter day. However, there are also many other knitting and crochet options in woolen garments such as scarves, mittens and sweaters.

Order wool yarn online - easily and quickly

Here at Hobbii.com we want to be the best and fastest in the supply of wool yarn and yarn accessories. Therefore, you always get your goods within three business days after you order it online. We take pride in keeping a high standard in our customer service and you can always call us if you have questions about some of our products. We always provide full return on goods ordered via our webshop.

Contact Hobbii.com

You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about our wool yarn or need help ordering. You can contact us via our contact form and we will respond as quickly as possible. You can also call us at tel. 0045 31 86 33 57 or mail to support@hobbii.com. We look forward to welcoming you as a customer with us.

What our customers say about Wool

valerie woodhouse

Beautiful wool. this wool is a dream to knit with, so silky soft but does not knit up floppy like some soft yarns.It gives good definition to the stitch pattern I am using. I found it did tend to split when I first started but I just pay more attention to my knitting and it's not a problem. would definitely recommend it

Rachel Kemp

Excellent service..... prompt and correct. Excellent quality wool...... got exactly what I ordered, the colours were true. And a free gift!!!!....... what’s not to ❤️??? Will definitely be a returning customer.


Wonderful quality wool cant wait to get started on crocheting my dogs bed with it. Luxury natural bedding what more could a dog ask for. Thank you hobbii for swift friendly service.

Kathleen Channon

My sister gave me some of this wool as I knit a lot of baby blankets and crochet knee blankets for elderly people. This wool is soft and great to work with plus colours are amazing.


Lovely wool, very soft and knits up well. Fantastic price Hobbiii staff I'm loving the freedbie sweet with my order, they are so delicious can you sell them on your website please

Nicola Partridge

Lovely wool, I’m planning to weave scarves with it but haven’t started yet! Love this company, delivery is fast and their emails are friendly and informative. Thanks Hobbii!

Diane Robertson

Such a beautiful wool so soft and lovely to use. I have made a baby blanket and a cardigan for my new granddaughter, and can’t wait to make more.


Lovely soft wool, knits up great. Like double knitting but tension needs adjusting so I used a slightly smaller needle. Great for baby knits

Pam Storey

Just knitting with the lovely Simple Wool in Ruby Red, .for myself. Such a soft wool t o wear. I shall be ordering more yarn lather.

Jo Hobbs

Loved the bag of mixed wool I got. Great mix for a number of projects I am working on.

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