Mercerized Cotton 

Mercerized cotton yarn is a very durable cotton yarn with a shiny look, which is sometimes referred to as pearl cotton. Mercerized cotton is cotton that has undergone the process of mercerization. Mercerization adds luster and strength to the fiber while at the same time imparting a greater affinity for dye and making the yarn more durable. This process also adds shape stability for garments and reduces propensity to shrinkage compared to regular cotton.

How Mercerized Cotton is Made

Mercerized cotton is cotton that has been through a process called mercerization, invented by John Mercer in 1844. The mercerization process is most often used on cotton and is made to strengthen the fibers and enhance the colors. Mercerization strengthens the yarn by straightening the cotton fibers. The result is a more durable yarn with an almost glossy look. 

The Difference Between Mercerized Cotton and Traditional Cotton

Mercerized cotton is a more durable cotton, as the process of mercerization strengthens the cotton fibers. The process ensures that the yarn does not shrink or easily lose shape. Cotton that has been mercerized also looks noticeably different because the fibers have become a little shine. The yarn will remain shine even after being washed. It is, therefore, very popular to make clothing out of mercerized cotton. Another difference between the two, is that traditional cotton is softer than mercerized cotton. It is, therefore, better to use unmercerized cotton for blankets and mercerized for clothing due to the slightly glossy surface of the mercerized yarn. 

Knitting and Crochet Projects for Mercerized Cotton

You can make almost any knitting or crochet project with mercerized cotton. You can basically make everything you would normally make with cotton yarn. It is often used to make clothing and especially clothing for summer, but you can also make bags and scarfs. Get inspiration from Hobbii's free patterns made with mercerized cotton.

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