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Welcome to a world of yarn, colors and happiness. World of Yarn offers wonderful yarn in a good quality, festive colors and names that are named after relevant places on earth. The first sock yarn series consist of these 4 qualities: Patagonia, Antarctica, Siberia and Himalaya – and they are perfect for warm, hand-knitted socks. All yarns consist of 75% wool and 25% polyamide.

The 5 Best Yarn from World of Yarn

Are you looking for something specific? Here is an overview of the 4 qualities from World of Yarn:

  • Malaga: Premium acrylic pullskeins. A great choice for people, who are allergic to wool and also a very easy yarn to knit and crochet with. Available in a print, glitter and solid version. 
  • Honolulu:  An exciting color changing cake yarn. 800 meters of color changing yarn. 
  • Antarctica is available in 10 cool color combinations. The cool effect appears thanks to a special color technique called Space Dye, and the finished result gets a really modern look with stripes in amazing, heathered hues.
  • Siberia has a beautiful, classic look thanks to its pretty Jacquard print. Your result will look like pattern knitting, but it is really easy to create. The pretty effect appears on its own while you knit.
  • Himalaya is available in 10 wonderful color combinations. The pretty, simple stripe pattern appears on its own while you knit, so you do not have to weave in ends as you go.

Se What Others Knitted and Crocheted with This Yarn

Do you wish to see various yarns in use or do you lack further inspiration for the individual patterns? At Hobbii you can see pictures of other customers’ results. Click on the yarn in question and choose “Picture Gallery”. Here you can also upload your own finished projects as inspiration for both us and many others. Heartfelt thanks.

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