Yarn Bowl – Paula the Panda

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Paula the Panda is our enchanting yarn bowl in hand painted ceramic that will help you keep your yarn in place when knitting or crocheting. With Paula by your side, you will never have any issues with your yarn rolling under the couch or down the table. Just place the yarn in the bowl, pull the thread through the opening and just like that the problem is solved.

In addition to Paula’s brilliant function, she is also really charming and she will most certainly spread joy and good atmosphere wherever she goes.

Height: 3.9 inches (10 cm)
Diameter: 8.3 inches from ear to ear (21 cm)
Weight: 650 g (22.9 oz)

Tracey Waite

Great product for keeping my yarn off the floor, therefore clear of stray dog hairs. Great that it has different holes depending on the size of yarn ball. Super weight too so it sits still whether on the floor or a table. Super cute too.

Jane Morris

Great this stops my dog getting tangled up in my wool and I can store my project in my panda bowl for later

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