Tapestry/Plastic Needles

Tapestry needles are good for weaving in ends. The needles are blunt and the eye is large and easy to thread. The set contains 3 needles in two different sizes

The packet includes:
- 3 needles size 2.0 x 72 mm.
- 3 needles size 3.0 x 93 mm.

The needles are packed in assorted colors.


These were sent as a free gift with my yarn order, Thankyou, it’s the one thing I always forget to buy so happy they were a gift ‘ they make sewing up a joy as they a sharp enough to glide through the yarn with out snagging. Sturdy and easy to thread. Would recommend


So kind of Hobbii to gift these along with orders, I really appreciated the gesture. They're, understandably, much softer than metal needles, but just as smooth and don't snag at anything on their way.

Sharon Bratley

These were sent as a free gift with my order. I didn’t think I would use them to be honest, but they were so great I have separated them into 3 of my crochet/knitting grab bags.
Thank you


I was given these tapestry needles free with my order which was very kind so thank you Hobbii. They are very sturdy and do the job perfectly.

Christine Tracey

Sturdy needles with eyes that can be easily thread.
They do the job, are great value for money and even better when given free
Thanks hobbii

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