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Lucky Bag Cotton - 20 Skeins

100% Cotton

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Here you get an exciting lucky bag containing 20 fabulous skeins of mixed cotton.

The thickness may vary, the yarn can be solid colors and print, from organic or conventional production, and from different manufacturers. However, each skein is made from 100% cotton. 

A completely random mix, meaning you can get 20 different skeins or 20 of the same. 

Only a limited amount. 

Good luck with your bag!


I bought this in my first order with Hobbi. I had never bought a mystery bag before and was doubtful it would be of any use or not but figured I could make my cat and dog things if I was not happy with the yarn or colours. Well 5 stars just is not enough to say how happy,I was with it! The yarns were all beautiful and squishy, there was a wide variety and each different yarn came as 2 skeins would there was enough for a project. I am waiting for more of these and kicking myself for not having bought two. If you are sitting on the fence about ordering one (or more) when you see them available, please do not hesitate, grab them quick, you won’t be sorry!!


So excited for this bag of goodness to arrive. Wasn't disappointed as such. Great quality yarn. I am just not used to working with such thin yarn (needs a 3mm hook for crochet) and not sure what to make with it yet. All the cotton I work with is usually a bit thicker (4-5.5 mm hook needed). All yarn I recieved was the same size and brand. Also received 4 lots of 2 of the same colour which I think is great. I am going to buy another bag and see what comes!


I am very happy with this bag - There was a beautiful range of colours! I have recently added weaving to my list of fibre hobbies, and these will be absolutely perfect for making colourful tea towels on my rigid heddle loom and to make bands on my new inkle loom.

You can never have too much yarn, and I am very tempted to get another of these bags. It's lovely to get surprises in the post!


So flipping worth it! Omg! Quality is insaneeeee SO glad I ordered this. It is perfect for me though and the projects I usually make. Also, with two little ones extremely happy to have lots of baby organic Egyptian cotton, super soft 😍 organic is also super important to me SO SO HAPPY!!!


Excellent value! I got a whole pack of 8/4 Christmas coloured cotton yarn that I was considering buy anyway that would have been £13.70 alone! I am using it for geckos, Grogu, dinosaurs etc. Lovely quality. I bought one bag and will be buy more in the future!

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