“Here”, my husband hands my the largest of our suitcases. We are packing for a week’s holiday in Italy, and after 21 years together he knows that I need to bring yarn with me, lots of yarn. And I know it, I have to have yarn with me for both minor and larger projects, but also just for fun and new ideas. I become restless if I don’t have yarn within reach :)

I’m Stine Hoelgaard Johansen and I have worked as a 100% freelance designer the last 7 years. I have no permanent assignments, but I have several contracts with various Danish handicraft magazines such as Hendes Verden ("Her World") which I have designed for in over 20 years and Kreativ Strik ("Creative Knit") and Alt om Håndarbejde ("All About Crafts") which I have provided with designs and patterns during the last 7 years - all three are Danish knitting magazines. Furthermore, I teach at e.g. “Knitwork, Strik Bornholm” and the adult learning school of Copenhagen, “FOF”, where I love to share my knowledge and techniques.

Last but not least, I have published several knitting and crocheting books such as my newest Danish book "Tunesisk Hækling til de mindste" (Danish title) :-)

Follow me & my yarn life here:



Info about me:

Stine Hoelgaard Johansen

Born 1969

Lives in Copenhagen, Denmark

Boyfriend: Jakob with whom I have 2 children

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