Pom-pom Maker – 1.4-1.8 inches

Make small, funny and beautiful pom-poms with this pom-pom set from Clover. It is really easy to make pom-poms when you use this set. You can make pom-poms measuring approx. 1.4-1.8 inches.

It is also available in a larger version:

2.6-3.3 inches – view it here

It is also available in a smaller version:

0.8-0.98 inches – view it here


I bought these to add pompoms to the corners of small blankets and one of my aunts wanted small pompoms for earrings.

They are easy to use even if the instructions could have been better. With a bit of shaping after taking off the maker they produced good pompoms of a good size. How long they last is another problem the fact you have to pull it in half to remove the pompom could cause the joint to become loose over time.

I would need to get the bigger ones to make pompoms for the top of hats but these are a good start.

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