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Nova Metal DPN Set - 15 cm/ 6" 2-4mm/ US 0-6


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A set specially designed for small projects: perfect for sock knitters who prefer a longer needle.

Double pointed needles with a hollow brass pipes, and a polished surface, are a pleasure to knit with. The ends  gradually get sharper, making the needles ideal for all knitting projects - including lace! The smooth polished surface allow the stitches to slide easily and effortlessly over the needles.

The light but strong brass has several advantages. The light weight ensures that the needles are comfortable to use so that you may knit for hours without getting sore hands and fingers. The strength of brass is your guarantee of minimum wear and maximum durability.

A streamlined manufacturing process enables the Nova Metal series to be sold at an extremely advantageous price. KnitPro Nova Metal - the best and cheapest needles in brass.

The set consists of 5 sets of 5 needles from Nova Metal series in sizes 2-4 mm/ US 0-6, all 15 cm/ 6" long. The kit comes in a neat case that is easy to carry on the move.

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