Ergonomic straight/single point needles

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Prym Ergonomic straight/single point needles are lightweight and flexible good quality needles that are incredibly comfortable to hold. The needles are ergonomically designed to fit your hand well so you can knit for many hours without sore hands and wrists.

In 2016, Prym's Ergonomic straight/single point Needles won  the Red Dot Design Award, an annual product and design contest, which is said to be a quality stamp of finest grade.

The needles are designed with a special stitch stop at the end of the needle, which means that you can just click your needles together and you're sure your stiches stay safely on the needles.

Material: Plastic


There so light & are beautiful to use, I have been asked ( by my granddaughter), to knit some dolly dolls so it was nice to try out these needless.


Used these needles to make cushions, have never used this kind before but i was very impressed. They were comfortable to use

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