Bamboo DPNs

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Double Pointed Needles made from the finest Japanese bamboo are a joy to knit with. The light weight ensures that the needles are comfortable to use and that you can knit for hours without sore hands and fingers.

Bamboo is known to be both strong and lightweight.  The strength of bamboo is your guarantee of a durable product.

The needles are a great choice for beginners, as bamboo needles are easy to hold and provide good control.


DPNs - admittedly not my favourite method for knitting in the round and I still find it somewhat challenging controlling all those needles! However, I recently decided to try DPNs to avoid the tension issues that can occur when knitting socks on magic loop, as I cannot use 9inch circular needles, as I just find them too small.

These are light and therefore easier to control, the bamboo helps prevent wrist fatigue and has a grip which prevents all the stitches sliding off, whilst still being smooth enough to work with. I am no master with DPNs, but these suit me more than metal or other wooden needles.

Cora MacFarlane

These are the most comfortable dp needles I've ever used. They're so light they stay in the knitting and don't slip out, yet the yarn moves freely and smoothly while knitting. Used this for my first ever pair of socks.

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