"Melodies of Life" - Set With Interchangeable Circular Needles (Special Edition)

World news from KnitPro, and the set that all dedicated knitters should own has finally landed at the Hobbii store!

This delicious set "Melodies of Life" from KnitPro, inspired by and anticipating the joyous and magical time of Christmas, which is just around the corner. The set contains 8 pairs of the most popular sizes of the interchangeable circular needles in the popular Zing series. The needles are light and super smooth and slide easily through the meshes. 

The set contains the following sizes:

3.50 mm (E-4) (Light Green)

4.00 mm (G-6) (Blue)

4.50 mm (Bluish Purple)

5.00 mm (H-8) (Pink)

5.50 mm (I-9) (Brown)

6.00 mm (J-10) (Dark Purple)

7.00 mm (Purple)

8.00 mm (L-11) (Turquoise)

Additionally the set contains:

4 cables: 1x60 cm (green), 2x80cm (orange) and 1x100 cm (red)

8 stoppers

4 tightening keys

1 set of cable transitions

Wool Needles

Mesh Holders

A small purse decorated with musical nodes for accessories.

The set comes in a nice black case decorated with both musical nodes and piano keys, which is undoubtedly a fine addition to your collection. Enjoy! :-)

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