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Chain Row Counter with Beads


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Luxury for your knitting projects!

Really pretty chain row counter that helps you keep track of your rows/rounds. Need to make an increase every 10 rows? Then a chain row counter is a great help!

Contrary to digital row counters, it’s almost impossible to forget to count all the rows. Use it like so: Attach the chain row counter to your needle at the beginning of your row/round. When you’ve knit a row/round, you go down one ring on the chain and keep knitting. When you’ve used all the rings, it’s time to make your increase. Easy! And because you must move the chain row counter from one needle to the other each time, you won’t forget to count. Clever!

This is a chain row counter of the luxurious kind. The beads are handmade from incredible materials from nature’s own treasury, and each stone is unique. Thus, the beads will naturally vary slightly in color.

This chain row counter can be used for needles up to size 6,5 mm (US 10,5/K)

Number of rings: 10
Material of chain: Antique metal (zinc alloy)
Size of beads: 10 mm
Lava: From stones and cliffs made of magma.
Freshwater Pearls: Natural freshwater pearls
Mixed stones: Smoky quartz, Aventurine, Crystal, Black Agate

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