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The Easy Grip crochet hooks from Pony are available in many different sizes ranging from 2 to 15 mm and each size has its own color assigned. The length of the shaft increases slightly with the size of the needle. See the overview below.

As the name suggests, these crochet hooks ensure you have a good and comfortable grip around the handle, allowing you to have the best starting point imaginable for getting started with crochet, as well as not getting hurt or sore from crocheting for a long time.

Materials: Aluminum and plastic


2.0 mm - 14 cm
2.5 mm - 14 cm
3.0 mm - 14 cm
3.5 mm - 14 cm
4.0 mm - 14 cm
4.5 mm - 14 cm
5.0 mm - 14 cm
5.5 mm - 14 cm
6.0 mm - 14 cm
7.0 mm - 15 cm
8.0 mm - 15 cm
9.0 mm - 15 cm
10.0 mm - 15 cm
12.0 mm - 17 cm
15.0 mm - 17 cm 


I bought the 3mm hook and it is so comfortable. I've tried various crochet hooks but by far this is the most comfortable hook I have ever tried. I find the flat bit on the grip very comfortable for resting my thumb on.
I can now crochet with 4ply yarn without my hand aching.

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