Darning Needle with a Blunt and Curved Tip

Here you get a beautiful darning needle with a curved and blunt tip. The curved tip makes it extra easy to weave in ends on your knitting- or crocheting project. Due to the blunt tip, the needle does not get caught in the individual threads of the yarn, but slides along or through the yarn.

Finally, weaving in ends is a joy!

Jan Fardon

I have several sewing needles which were ok and just served a purpose.....however.....this curved needle is great, wonderful in fact and I now wouldn’t use anything else for my crafting. It takes the difficulty away, it’s strong and smooth and for me a have to have


This is a great tool. Ideal for heavier yarns no split threads when sewing up. Love the colour. Why not gift one to a crocheting/knitting pal.(birthday or Christmas). You have amazing collection of yarns.

Donna Grant

This is the first curved needle I've used to sew in end threads and it works so much better than I thought. I love using it because it doesn't split yarn. I will definitely be using it a lot from now on.


Great shape makes weaving in my crochet end so easy and has a good length too it. Thank you for my free gift I have found it really useful and switched from my old needle to this now

Pam Storey

I am new to this type of wool needle, but what a wonderful idea.Blunt bent and a huge hole for easy threading
Enjoy knitting with the SIMPLE WOOL. and the colours WOW

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