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Incredible, high-quality crochet hook from Clover. The easy grip handles have pretty, fun, and characteristic colours.
The Clover Amour crochet hook is ergonomically shaped and feels like a dream in your hand. If your hands tend to tire quickly when you crochet, you should try these hooks. We’ll even go so far as claiming that this is the Rolls Royce of crochet hooks!

The hooks are made from various materials:
0,6 - 1,75 mm / US 14 - 4 = steel
2 - 6 mm / US B -J = aluminium
6,5 - 15 mm / US J - P = plastic 

Handle: ABS plastic

0,6 - 1,75 mm / US 14 - 4= 12,5 cm
2 - 6 mm / US B - J = 14 cm
6.5 - 7 mm / US J - K = 15 cm
8 - 9 mm / US L - M = 15,5 cm
10 mm / US N = 16 cm
12 mm / US O = 16,5 cm
15 mm / US P = 17 cm 

Nessa Buckley

I needed a large size crochet hook for a chunky yarn but found other makes hard to manage. This crochet hook is light to hold but designed so well that it is easy to manoeuvre and comfortable to hold. The shape is great for every size you need and has a lovely grip. I have arthritis, so that really helps me carry on crocheting - what more could you want!


Initially I bought a 4mm hook to try. It was so comfortable to use & glides through your stitches very easily. I suffer from joint pain & these hooks seem to suit me very well & they don't cause me discomfort. I was so impressed with the hook I bought that I invested in a number of other sizes aswell. Highly recommended.


I need a 2.5mm hook for amigurumi, and I've tried quite a few different ones, but this is by far the best. I use 8/4 cotton, and this glides through so easily, no splitting, snagging or catching. It allows me to crochet much faster, and its comfortable to hold.


Clover amour have got to be the best hooks I have worked with! The handles are the most comfortable and I love the way the sizes are colour coded! I know at a glance what size I’m going to pick up without searching for the small print


I've used numerous different makes of crochet hook but this is my total favourite, it slides through the yarn like butter and doesn't "pluck" the yarn at all xxx can not recommend these hooks enough

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