Crochet Hook Set - 9 sizes (2-6 mm)

£19.00  From £19.00

Lovely crochet hook set at a great price point.

The set includes 9 hooks in different sizes - 2mm (US 0), 2,5mm (US 2) , 3mm (US 3) , 3,5mm (US 4) , 4mm (US 6) , 4,5mm (US 7) , 5mm (US 8) , 5,5mm (US 9) , 6mm  (US 10)

The crochet hooks have a soft ergonomic grip each in their own distinctive colour allowing you to crochet for hours without pain or fatigue. The hooks are made from aluminium which means they are nickel free.

The more you crochet with these hooks, the more you will love them.

We have imported this 9 size crochet hook set directly from the factory ourselves, which means we have cut out the middleman and extra  packaging  expenses, enabling us to sell it at real bargain price.

A must-have for true crochet enthusiasts :)

The length of the hooks are 13,7 cm

Ps. Remember we always have a large selection of crochet books in stock, where you can get loads of inspiration for your crochet projects.


Got this set for Christmas, I'm very happy with them. Soft handles, and easy to hold and use. Really smooth and lightweight. Would definitely recommend.

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