Stitch Markers - 25 pcs.

25 pcs. stitch markers in good soft plastic. The stitch markers are great to use when, for example, you wanna mark in or outs, patterns, or simply mark where the round begins.

The markers' tips are rounded so they won't do any harm and will fit both thin and normal knitting yarns.

Comes in assorted colors.


These little clips are so helpful with marking stitches!! I used to use scrap yarn to mark but that was fiddly, these are so quick and easy to use. And the colours make them easy to spot if you drop them haha

Margaret Bromley

One cannot have too many stitch markers,especially when knitting more than one thing at a time. Love the colours. Will have to hide them when daughter visits as two of her favourite colours are there.

Karen Allan

I think I got these as a freebie? Unfortunately plastic, but very handy and they should last for years. They come in a handy little pouch which takes up no room at all. Thank you!


Got these as a free gift in my first order from here and they are great. Really handy since I am still learning. Would highly recommend them for beginners. Thank you Hobbii.


Received these as a free gift with my order. Good sized markers which are easy to ooen & close. Would recommend these especially for beginners to help with stitch counts

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