Jumbo Stitch Markers w. lock – 15 pcs.

This pack of Jumbo stitch markers holds 15 large markers in three assorted. The markers have a locking mechanism, so you can open them and take them off your needle/hook at any time, or you can attach stitches directly to the markers instead of your needle/hook. The tips are blunt, so you won’t prick your fingers on them, and they’re especially well-suited for heavier yarns. Well-suited for needles ranging between 7-12 mm. 

These stitch markers are great when you need to mark increases and decreases, patterns, or just mark the start of a row.

Material: ABS
Number: 15 pcs.
Length: approx. 3 cm

Find patterns for the yarn here: Patterns (4)


Very useful stitch markers. And very easy to use. Cannot recommend them enough.


They're great and work well, especially for bigger yarn/needle sizes.


These came free when I ordered and they work well. I wish they weren't plastic though.

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