Stitch Wires (Mixed Colors) - 2 mm (0.08")

If you like knitting gadgets, then you will love these stitch wires.

For example, if you are knitting on a sweater and have to put the sleeve stitches on hold, simply put the wire over one end of the circular needle and slide the stitches onto the stitch wire. Once all the stitches have been slipped over, you can tie a knot in order to secure the stitches on the wire.

Each bag contains 12 wires in 12 happy mixed colors.

The wires are best suited for sizes 4.5 - 5 mm (US 7-8) knitting needles. Please note that these wires cannot replace cables for interchangeable circular knitting needles.

Material: Plastic
Measurements: 12 x 1 m (1.1 yds)


Great flexible plastic wires (remember the scoobie craze?!) for holding stitches instead of finding some spare yarn or a stitch holder. Pop the hollow tube over the tip of your (reasonably small) needle or thread by hand (I used a large eye yarn needle), pop out your needles and tie in a loose knot. Moved enough and big enough for me to try on a top down sweater. Great stuff.

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