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GOTS Unprocessed Cotton Stuffing


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This delightful, natural stuffing consists of pure, ecological cotton fibers. Under the production of our ecological GOTS cotton fiber yarn, only the longest fibers of the cotton plant are used to ensure a good, uniform and durable quality. But the fine, short fibers must be left out because the fibers are not long enough to be spun into a good yarn.

From an environmentally friendly viewpoint on avoiding waste wherever possible, we can now offer these fibers as a fantastically sustainable alternative to synthetic stuffing.

The fibers are neither bleached, colored nor any way chemically treated. The untreated, raw cotton can contain natural bits of the seed capsule, which are crushed and therefore appear as small dots. Here is a completely clean, rustically natural product that is GOTS certified and can be used with good conscience as stuffing for teddy bears, etc.

As with all cotton, this stuffing can be machine washed at 60°C.

Weight: 500 g

By the way: The bag and the pull string are naturally also made of GOTS certified cotton.

As all other cotton as well, the stuffing can shrink a little when washed. It can, however, be pulled into shape again. Please note that cotton stuffing might not be suitable for people with grass allergies.

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