Wool Needles In Aluminium - 3 pieces


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The wool needles have big eyes, making them easy to thread, and are highly effective for crochet or loose knit. The smooth aluminum surface makes the needles easy to work with, regardless of the type of yarn you are dealing with.

The package contains 3 wool needles of 2.25 mm, 2.75 mm and 3.25 mm in blue, red and orange. 

Length of wool needles: 7,4 cm - 8,5 cm - 10 cm 

Find patterns for the yarn here: Patterns (18)

Asli Akkoyunoglu

I bought a pair of aluminium needles from one of the craft shops I visited some time ago, but I forgot to bag it at the cashier :( and left it there. When I saw exactly same ones I said that this time I will buy it and it will come to my door. Thanks to HOBBII I now have it. Needles are very easy to use, it goes through from knitting and crochet products easily. Especially the visible and flexible needle eyes are my favourite. Some materials are difficult to saw, stitch with other needles but these little ones are my best friends these days. Highly recommended :)


Great addition to your tool box. You can never have enough yarn needles as they always go missing. These are fabulous as the loop is easy to thread with whatever size yarn you have and glide through the fabric as you sew. The different lengths make it easier to use depending on the project. I would recommend


I got these aluminium wool needles for free as part of an order. I am very happy with the quality. Threading any weight of yarn is super easy, and it slips through stitches like a breeze without any snagging. An essential part of any crochet or knitting enthusiasts accessory kit. I highly recommend these.

Nessa Buckley

I thought I’d be struggling to thread yarn for ever, until I found these aluminium needles on the site. They are cleverly designed to make a yarn crafter’s life so much easier, with needle eyes that can you can see and use without a problem.
Such a help and highly recommended!


I normally use sharp, steel tapestry needles for weaving in ends and only got these as a free gift. However, they are so good! Smooth as silk, easy to thread and they weave through the fabric so easily! Highly recommended.

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