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Bamboo Rings - Semicircular

It’s time to spoil the little ones! There’s nothing better for babies than to have something nice to look at when they’re lying on the changing table or in the crib. It’s good for their senses and calming for the little one with a mobile with dancing characters. With these semicircular rings you can put together the cutest mobile and decorate it with cute, homemade stuffed animals, yarn pom-poms, clouds, or other cute things. The sky’s the limit here :) 

The halfround rings are made from quality bamboo and have a smooth, pretty, and polished surface. Each semicircular ring has 5 holes for mounting stuffed animals and for joining the two parts. 

If you want to use wooden beads in your homemade mobile, then you can find a link for those further up on the page. 

Material: Bamboo
Amount: 2 pcs.
Diameter: 30 cm (12”) & 25 cm (10”)
Width: 10 mm (0.4”)
Thickness: 3 mm (0.1”) 

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