Wooden Embroidery Ring

Classic, wooden embroidery ring. Embroidery has had a comeback, and you have unlimited options when it comes to making items like your knit sweaters even more unique with an embroidered motif. For this type of work, an embroidery ring is an essential tool. The embroidery frame holds the fabric in place so you can embroider beautiful designs on it. 

The embroidery ring consists of two rings and works like so: You loosen the outer ring, the inner ring is placed underneath the fabric/knitwear in the area you want to embroider. The outer ring is now pushed down over the fabric from the top and holds the fabric tight for struggle free embroidery. If you need to make a bigger motif, you simply move the ring as you work.  

Material: Wood
Diameter: 13 cm (approx. 5”)

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