Cable Stitch Holders, Qty. 3

With these cable needles, it has never been easier to cable knit. The needles hold firmly to the stitches until they are needed for knitting and make your work significantly easier. The needles are made of plastic and are pointy, making it easy to catch the stitches you're working with.

Cable needles have different names such as  helper needles and cable needles, this pack contains three 3 cable needles in varying colors.

The cables come in the sizes 3, 4 and 5 mm (US 3, 6, 8).


I love these, I do a lot of cable patterns on my outfits so these always come in handy. These in particular are the perfect size - not too big so they get in the way but perfect to hold enough stitches to create a lovely cable stitch, very happy!


These are lovely cable needles! Unlike the gently sloped ones, stitches don't fall off quite as easily using these, which makes cables much less fiddly!

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